Empower Yourself for 2013! Improve Your Health and Well-Being by Learning Eden Energy Medicine on the Big Island of Hawaii with Maryna Allan January 11-13, 2013

Begin 2013 with powerful self-healing tools and energy exercises that will take your health and vitality to a whole new level!

Maryna Allan is offering a 3 Day Workshop at the seaside village of Napoopoo at Kealakekua Bay


Dates: Friday, January 11 through Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Time:  10:00am to 4:00pm

Fee: $350.00 for course, handouts and instructional & practice dvd 

Free Intro Talks: Saturday, January 5th, 3:00-4:00pm Kailua-Kona Library and Wednesday, January 9th, 5:00-6:00pm at Kealakekua Public Library


Listen to a radio interview on EEM with Maryna in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:


In this 3 Day Course you will Learn:

  • Donna Eden’s 10 minute Daily Energy Routine
  • Important Stress Reduction Techniques that help correct or prevent negative effects of stress, autoimmune diseases, allergies
  • How to calm the ‘fight-flight’ response that contribute to the above
  • Ways to improve deep sleep, digestion and energy levels
  • Exercises to release negative emotions and nurture organs associated with emotions (based on 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine)
  • How to improve Immune functioning and build your Auric field
  • Techniques to speed healing and reduce pain in joints or elsewhere
  • How to trace your 14 Meridians to improve the health of your organs, release energy blocks and get stagnant Qi flowing
  • Self-massage of neuro-lymphatics to release toxins & improve energy flow
  • Simple daily eye exercises to improve or reverse aging of the eyes


“Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine”

Watch Maryna demonstrate how to enhance your Aura on Youtube:


What is Eden Energy Medicine?

• The oldest, safest, most organic, and accessible medicine there is.

• Potent techniques that allow you to participate more fully in your OWN healing.

• An empowering system for self-help and a powerful tool for health care practitioners.Unknown

Read More About Energy Medicine

Donna Eden and Maryna Allan at the 5 Day Training in Wales, UK June 2011

Donna Eden and Maryna Allan at the 5 Day Training in Wales, UK June 2011

Maryna assesses the body's energy systems through the use of "energy testing" also known as muscle testing or applied kinesiology

Maryna assesses the body’s energy systems through the use of “energy testing” also known as muscle testing or applied kinesiology

You will also learn:

  1. Eden Energy Medicne for the Eyes– 6 simple things to do to improve vision
  2.  Stress and Tension Tamers– including an exercise for hot flashes
  3. TheBlow Out”– to release anger and irritation;  benefits the liver
  4. Exercises to release fear, panic, worry, grief, sadness, excess mental chatter
  5. “Opening the Valves”– for digestion, elimination of toxins, skin issues, vericose veins
  6. Free the Diaphragm”– for acid reflux, hiatial hernia, increase oxygen in cells, organs,  whole body
  7.  Important YIN Meridians to trace for good health (liver, lung, spleen, kidneys)
  8. Acupressure points for various ailments/issues
  9. How to trace your meridians in order to keep energy flowing smoothly, support organ functioning, release blockages and negative emotions associated with the organs and for use when traveling to avoid jet-lag

This Workshop has limited spaces and registration ends on January 9th.

Families are eligible for a discount and all ages are welcome!  Free Introductory talks will be scheduled the first week of January so please email or call to receive information and register:

Email:  Marynaallan@gmail.com         Phone: 818-854-2211

Note:  A limited number of Private Sessions (Eden Energy Medicine Assessments/Balancing sessions) are available January 5-10 and January 14/15.  For a description of sessions refer to archived July posts or http://www.BeEnergyCenter.com under ‘private sessions’.  Can also read testimonials and detailed descriptions of benefits of private energy balancing sessions under posts and on website.


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