Retreat in Idyllwild to Reconnect, Release, and Revitalize

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Re-treat…into nature
Re-connect…with the earth
Re-lease excess weight and dis-ease
Re-vitalize your cells, being and life!

5 Day Retreat in Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains

Just 2 hours from Los Angeles

Qigong to Release Weight and Improve your Life!


With Qigong Master Jianshe Liu from Hainan, China

~ Tuesday, September 3rd – Saturday, September 7th ~

Master Jianshe is a Zhineng Qigong Master level teacher, teaching since 1991 in China and since 2008 in over 20 countries including all of Europe, Russia, South Africa and the US. He is the founding director of the Hexianju Qigong Center on Hainan Island and taught for 10 years with Grandmaster Ming Pang, MD at China’s famous ‘medicineless hospital’ –the Huaxia Center.

To read more about Jianshe Liu, his success with Qigong for Weight Loss and what Qigong is, click here.

In this unique workshop you will learn how to apply Qigong principles, which train the mind in self-healing, with the specific intent of releasing excess & unhealthy fat; mental, emotional and physical dis-ease; or any conditions that impede optimal health and happiness.

0-2In addition to learning Qigong practices to release excess weight and dis-‘ease’ with Master Liu, you will also be taught about the importance of connecting to the earth to eliminate inflammation in the body, as well as Energy Balancing Exercises pioneered by well-known author/healer/teacher Donna Eden. Maryna Allan, an Eden Energy Medicine Licensed Practitioner, will teach these simple exercises to improve the immune system, enhance metabolism and reduce the stress response– all which support health and weight management.

Students will also learn about proper nutrition and be able to take part in the preparation of our organic, whole, natural foods menu.  A focus on the benefits of juicing, vegan & raw cuisine, as well as gluten and wheat free options will be explored with Trine Bietz – food guru and yoga instructor trained in holistic healing at the Optimal Health Institute in San Diego.

DSCN2805This retreat into nature will also include informative and uplifting walks and hikes along trails in the nearby San Jacinto Mountains. Enjoy breathtaking views and learning about plants used by the Native Americans for food and medicine and how we can live more harmoniously with our earth mother. Naturalist, photographer and 26-year Idyllwild resident Don Raridon will be your guide to the mountains.

Program includes:

  • All Qigong classes and practice with Master Jianshe Liu
  • Energy Medicine Tips for metabolism and stress reduction with Maryna Allan
  • Private Energy Assessment & Coaching (30 minutes) with Maryna Allan
  • Nutrition and Cooking classes with Trine Bietz
  • Guided Nature Walks and Native Plant Study with Don Raridon
  • Evening Sound Healing Event
  • 3 nutritious, organic meals daily (starting with lunch on Tuesday 9/3 and ending with breakfast on Saturday 9/7. Group Lunch in town at Aroma Cafe is optional and not included in the cost of program)
  • Overnight Accommodations: private or shared room in location of the retreat (Luxury Log Cabin: see this link) OR private tent with comfortable folding futon or air mattress, bedding and folding chair located on 9 acre property of White Feather Lodge (Maryna and Jianshe on-site).
  • Transportation to and from town for shopping, sightseeing & to hiking trails


All inclusive – Program, Lodging, and Meals
Private Room:  $1195
Shared Room $ 995
Lodging location: Luxury Log Cabin

Private Deluxe Tent (with thick folding futon and bedding) at White Feather Lodge:  $795

Bring your own tent/gear (outside) or sleeping bag in community room (inside) : $695

5 Day Course and All Meals $650.  Lunch only $495  (no overnight accommodations-for Local residents only):

* $100 Discount available for couples.  $50 Discount when you ‘bring a friend’ or refer

Available for an optional fee:

  • Sleep on an “Earthing” conductive sheet for $15 one night or $40 for all 4. For more information see:
  • Private Qigong Healing Sessions with Master Jianshe Liu (fee TBA)
  • Private Energy Medicine Balancing Sessions with Maryna — read more
  • Private “Original Circuitry Re-boot” Energy Sessions with Trine
  • Massage & Acupuncture with Idyllwild Practitioners


Los Angeles Qigong Workshops at Be Energy Center:

Cultivating our Sunshine Mind:  Sunday, September 8th, 3:00-6:00pm ~ $50.00

This workshop will introduce participants to Zhineng Qigong.  We will focus on two primary practices: “La Qi” and “Eight Phrases”.  La Qi  a simple method where one opens and closes the hands to cultivate Qi for a variety of reasons.  Eight Phrases is a very powerful healing mantra that Master Pang feels is perhaps the most effective qigong method created. Both are easy to learn and done primarily in a seated position. Recordings of these practices will be available for practice.

An Introduction to Losing Weight through Qigong Meditation: Monday, September 9th, 11:00-12:30pm ~ $20.00

  We will focus on how one can use “La Qi” in order to visualize fat cells releasing from the body.  La Qi  is a simple method where one opens and closes the hands. While the movement of the hands is integral, more important is the focus of the mind to create an improvement in our health.  La Qi can be used to dissolve not only fat cells but also any cells or conditions that are unhealthy.  Ideally, to be successful at weight loss or releasing illness, one must practice consistently and intensely.  However, you will have a simple technique from this class to begin a practice with. 

Jianshe prayer hands

To reserve a spot for the Los Angeles classes or Idyllwild Retreat:

Contact Maryna Allan
(818) 854-2211 cell
(951) 659-5069 office

PO Box 1084
Idyllwild, CA 92549

*Owl photo by Don Raridon Photography


One thought on “Retreat in Idyllwild to Reconnect, Release, and Revitalize

  1. Congratulations Maryna!

    This looks great! I hope this means that your home and area are good and safe.

    Wishing you the best!

    Love, Paula

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