Learn Energy Exercises to reduce stress, boost your immune system, improve energy levels and bring balance and calm to the body and mind!

Classes offered at the Idyllwild Library

Saturday, February 8, 15, 22,  10:30-11:30am

New exercises offered each class… come to one or all to get tools to stay healthy this winter and beyond!

In this fun and informative interactive class you will learn simple energy exercises you can do in just minutes a day to balance your energies, release stress and feel more positive and revitalized!

Taught by Maryna Allan, Qigong and Energy Exercise Instructor and Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. See more here: https://marynaallan.wordpress.com/about/

* There is no fee for these classes but donations gratefully accepted

Library Classes Flyer for more information



Retreat in Idyllwild to Reconnect, Release, and Revitalize

Picture 1

Re-treat…into nature
Re-connect…with the earth
Re-lease excess weight and dis-ease
Re-vitalize your cells, being and life!

5 Day Retreat in Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains

Just 2 hours from Los Angeles

Qigong to Release Weight and Improve your Life!


With Qigong Master Jianshe Liu from Hainan, China

~ Tuesday, September 3rd – Saturday, September 7th ~

Master Jianshe is a Zhineng Qigong Master level teacher, teaching since 1991 in China and since 2008 in over 20 countries including all of Europe, Russia, South Africa and the US. He is the founding director of the Hexianju Qigong Center on Hainan Island and taught for 10 years with Grandmaster Ming Pang, MD at China’s famous ‘medicineless hospital’ –the Huaxia Center.

To read more about Jianshe Liu, his success with Qigong for Weight Loss and what Qigong is, click here.

In this unique workshop you will learn how to apply Qigong principles, which train the mind in self-healing, with the specific intent of releasing excess & unhealthy fat; mental, emotional and physical dis-ease; or any conditions that impede optimal health and happiness.

0-2In addition to learning Qigong practices to release excess weight and dis-‘ease’ with Master Liu, you will also be taught about the importance of connecting to the earth to eliminate inflammation in the body, as well as Energy Balancing Exercises pioneered by well-known author/healer/teacher Donna Eden. Maryna Allan, an Eden Energy Medicine Licensed Practitioner, will teach these simple exercises to improve the immune system, enhance metabolism and reduce the stress response– all which support health and weight management.

Students will also learn about proper nutrition and be able to take part in the preparation of our organic, whole, natural foods menu.  A focus on the benefits of juicing, vegan & raw cuisine, as well as gluten and wheat free options will be explored with Trine Bietz – food guru and yoga instructor trained in holistic healing at the Optimal Health Institute in San Diego.

DSCN2805This retreat into nature will also include informative and uplifting walks and hikes along trails in the nearby San Jacinto Mountains. Enjoy breathtaking views and learning about plants used by the Native Americans for food and medicine and how we can live more harmoniously with our earth mother. Naturalist, photographer and 26-year Idyllwild resident Don Raridon will be your guide to the mountains.

Program includes:

  • All Qigong classes and practice with Master Jianshe Liu
  • Energy Medicine Tips for metabolism and stress reduction with Maryna Allan
  • Private Energy Assessment & Coaching (30 minutes) with Maryna Allan
  • Nutrition and Cooking classes with Trine Bietz
  • Guided Nature Walks and Native Plant Study with Don Raridon
  • Evening Sound Healing Event
  • 3 nutritious, organic meals daily (starting with lunch on Tuesday 9/3 and ending with breakfast on Saturday 9/7. Group Lunch in town at Aroma Cafe is optional and not included in the cost of program)
  • Overnight Accommodations: private or shared room in location of the retreat (Luxury Log Cabin: see this link) OR private tent with comfortable folding futon or air mattress, bedding and folding chair located on 9 acre property of White Feather Lodge (Maryna and Jianshe on-site).
  • Transportation to and from town for shopping, sightseeing & to hiking trails


All inclusive – Program, Lodging, and Meals
Private Room:  $1195
Shared Room $ 995
Lodging location: Luxury Log Cabin

Private Deluxe Tent (with thick folding futon and bedding) at White Feather Lodge:  $795

Bring your own tent/gear (outside) or sleeping bag in community room (inside) : $695

5 Day Course and All Meals $650.  Lunch only $495  (no overnight accommodations-for Local residents only):

* $100 Discount available for couples.  $50 Discount when you ‘bring a friend’ or refer

Available for an optional fee:

  • Sleep on an “Earthing” conductive sheet for $15 one night or $40 for all 4. For more information see: www.Earthing.com
  • Private Qigong Healing Sessions with Master Jianshe Liu (fee TBA)
  • Private Energy Medicine Balancing Sessions with Maryna — read more
  • Private “Original Circuitry Re-boot” Energy Sessions with Trine
  • Massage & Acupuncture with Idyllwild Practitioners


Los Angeles Qigong Workshops at Be Energy Center:

Cultivating our Sunshine Mind:  Sunday, September 8th, 3:00-6:00pm ~ $50.00

This workshop will introduce participants to Zhineng Qigong.  We will focus on two primary practices: “La Qi” and “Eight Phrases”.  La Qi  a simple method where one opens and closes the hands to cultivate Qi for a variety of reasons.  Eight Phrases is a very powerful healing mantra that Master Pang feels is perhaps the most effective qigong method created. Both are easy to learn and done primarily in a seated position. Recordings of these practices will be available for practice.

An Introduction to Losing Weight through Qigong Meditation: Monday, September 9th, 11:00-12:30pm ~ $20.00

  We will focus on how one can use “La Qi” in order to visualize fat cells releasing from the body.  La Qi  is a simple method where one opens and closes the hands. While the movement of the hands is integral, more important is the focus of the mind to create an improvement in our health.  La Qi can be used to dissolve not only fat cells but also any cells or conditions that are unhealthy.  Ideally, to be successful at weight loss or releasing illness, one must practice consistently and intensely.  However, you will have a simple technique from this class to begin a practice with. 

Jianshe prayer hands

To reserve a spot for the Los Angeles classes or Idyllwild Retreat:

Contact Maryna Allan
(818) 854-2211 cell
(951) 659-5069 office

PO Box 1084
Idyllwild, CA 92549

*Owl photo by Don Raridon Photography

Qigong Sound Healing & Emotional Balancing Workshop with Maryna

Do you think your emotions may be affecting your health?
Chinese Medicine believes that there is a direct correlation.
You can regain health and emotional balance with these simple exercises!
5 Element Qigong Sound Healing Meditation :
Learn this simple yet powerful healing meditation done while lying down with hands over the organs while toning specific sounds for that organ/element.
Can be done as little as 10 minutes a day 2-3 times a week for optimal health.
Not only does this revitalize the organs but also helps to release stagnant energies resulting from the negative emotions of fear, anger, panic, worry and grief.
5 Element (Rhythms) Eden Energy Medicine Exercises:
In less than 10 minutes these exercises will release negative emotions and balance the meridians and organs associated with each of the Elements/Rhythms. They can be done specifically when any of the emotions are out of balance to clear them or preventiviely to keep all the emotions and organs balanced and healthy.
  • Water: Kidneys/Bladder (Winter) ~ Dissipates Fear; exercise: “Blowing Out the Candle”
  • Wood: Liver/Gallbladder (Spring) ~ Releases Anger; exercise “The Blow Out”
  • Fire: Heart/Small Intestine, Pericardium, Triple Warmer (Summer) ~ for Panic, Heartache or Loss of Spirit; exercise: “Taking Down the Flame” (also balances the chakras)
  • Earth: Spleen/Stomach (Solstice,Equinox) ~ calms excess Worry and promotes Self-Compassion ~ exercise: “Cradle the Baby”
  • Metal: Lungs/Large Intestine (Autumn) ~ Releases Grief, Sorrow, Sadness.  Letting Go, Surrendering; exercise “Human Touching Divine”
Monday, July 1st ~ 11:00 am -12:15 pm,  $20
Sunday, July 14th ~ 4:30 – 6:00 pm, $20
at the Be the Change Energy Center in Woodland Hills, CA
* each class is the same, however if you wish to repeat the class it is only $12 the second time
Please RSVP by email:  MarynaAllan@gmail.com or call Maryna at 818-854-2211
Testimonial for a workshop with Maryna:
Maryna’s Energy Medicine workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and useful!  Maryna has a warm and inspiring presence, and a dynamic, articulate teaching style. Her passion for body/mind healing is contagious; I couldn’t wait to implement what I’d learned in her workshop! Since then, I’ve experienced the immediate healing effects of Energy Medicine exercises, which are practical and easy to remember. I look forward to studying further with Maryna and benefiting from her depth of knowledge and experience. ~ Vida, Northridge, CA
Image 1 from korpsus.deviantart.com
Image 2 from crossfitpacificcoast.com

* JULY SPECIAL on Energy Medicine Sessions *

Maryna will be offering a Special  25% discount on Private Eden Energy Medicine Sessions for the following treatments (these specific treatments will also include an ‘energy balancing’ treatment and last 50-90 minutes (depending on treatment):

* ‘The Quickie Energy Balancer’ (15-20 minutes)* is the cornerstone of all Donna Eden Energy Medicine Treatments. It is a protocol that can stand alone or be combined with other energy techniques.  The overall purpose of the Quickie Energy Balancer is to open up the person’s energies and activate better flow throughout the body so it is ready to receive and more deeply integrate further energy work.  It also balances basic energy systems (such as meridians) and activates the Radiant Circuits (known as ‘Extrordinary Vessels’ in TCM) while helping to clear out clogged physical and emotional energy. The aura, or bio-field is also cleared and strengthened, increasing one’s resilience to pollution, electro-magnetic radiation & wifi and any other negative energies from our environment and people. The “Balancer” involves some light touch, gentle massaging movements & moving energies over the body in the field.

* ‘Quickie Energy Balancer’ with the Brazilian Toe Technique (50 minutes) $60 *  The Toe Technique is based on the zones of the body as used in reflexology. A very simple, gentle, non invasive technique with profound impact, the session consists of lightly holding acupoints on the feet. Especially useful for people suffering with aches and pains, it may also help with stress reduction, insomnia, calming the nervous system, calming emotional imbalances, grounding, deep relaxation, edema, ‘restless leg syndrome’ and nausea. This technique is also powerful for easing the effects of chemotherapy.

The choice of Treatments below (Black Pearl and Chakra Balancing) include a longer ‘Quickie Energy Balancer‘ and review of the Daily Energy Routine to prepare he body for balancing: (70 minutes) $80.00

* Black Pearl Sanctuary *  This gentle treatment allows you to melt anxiety and stress away. By holding a series of neurovascular points on the head this simple technique directly affects the hypothalamus gland (which shrinks under prolonged stress and trauma) and triple warmer meridian – which is your body’s fight, flight or freeze response. It is an effective  treatment  when dealing with long term stress and is deeply relaxing and helps to bring you back to yourself and that place of peace.

* Chakra Clearing & Balancing *  The Chakra energy system is made up of ‘spinning wheels’ or ‘vortices’ that carry energies into and out of the body.  As ‘energy transfer stations’ the chakras bring energy to the organs, muscles, ligaments, veins, and other body parts that sit within its energy field. Chakras are also ‘energy processing plants’ and bring in energy from the outside environment, process it, and make it available to corresponding organs. Clearing and balancing chakras clears stuck or excess energy (or energy that is not yours) and can also help to balance your body’s chemistry & hormones, affecting your mood and psychological state and strengthen overall health.

Balancing the Body’s Electrical System (90 or more minutes- depending on needs of client) $100 (includes ‘Quickie Energy Balancer’) More than any other energy system, I am finding that the ‘Electrics’ need special attention at this time when there is so much electro-magnetic activity on the planet (EMF’s wifi, etc), as well as fluctuations within the earth’s electro-magenetic field.

An electrical session is one of the most profound procedures in Eden Energy Medicine.  It turns on the body’s fire–its electricity, and it can burn through all kinds of blocks, including energetic, physical, and emotional.  The Electrics can also heal scar tissue and deep body memories.

Some additional reasons for balancing Electrics:  If you have been experiencing strange electrical phenomena such as twitches in muscles or what feels like ‘electrical shocks’ in the body, If you spend excess time on a computer, cell phone, or around electronics, if you get ‘shocked’ when touching metal or other surfaces, if you feel disoriented or disconnected energetically, if you are experiencing any irregularities in your heart, if you have recently had an accident or had surgery, or if you have a nervous disorder, MS or Parkinson’s.

Here are just a few reasons why the electrics of the body are so important:

  • Every cell in the body is like a miniature battery — storing, and also discharging electricity
  • Every muscle you move, every thought you think, every morsel of food you digest involves electrical activity
  • Electrical fields help to promote tissue regeneration in adults
  • Our feelings, memories and thoughts are coded in patterns of tiny electrical impulses
  • Your heart is the strongest electricity generator in your body

Join Us May 15th & 19th at the BE Energy Center to Learn Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Feeling Overwhelmed?  Stressed?  Tired?… Or just not getting well?
Or maybe you want to feel more vibrant and in the flow…
Your Energies may need balancing…
Join us at the BE Energy Center in Woodland Hills to learn some simple exercises you can do in 5-10 minutes daily to improve your health

Maryna Allan practicing Qigong in Northern CA

Evening Introductory Class $15.00
Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 ~ 7:30 – 8:45 PM
In the fun and interactive introductory class, there will be discussion and demonstration of muscle/energy testing, to determine which exercises your body most needs. You will see the powerful effects these exercises can have in strengthening your system.
Workshop $50.00* (includes handouts) 
Sunday, May 19th, 2013 ~ 2:00 – 4:30 PM 
In the workshop we will delve into more detail on the Daily Energy Routine exercises, so that you can acquire and assimilate all the tools you will need to make this a daily practice. 

*($55.00 for both courses)

To register and for more info
call (818) 854-2211 or email marynaallan@gmail.com


The Energy Routine done 5-10 minutes daily will:

  1. Restore Energies when tired
  2. Sharpen your memory and mental clarity
  3. Boost your immune system and metabolism
  4. Improve Sleep & feelings of calm and balance
  5. Eliminate or help with headaches/migraines/mental fog
  6. Reduce inflammation, arthritis, & joint pain
  7. Help get out of depression
  8. Keep you grounded and feeling balanced
  9. Have more and better energy overall – no more afternoon lethargy!
  10. Strengthen you against the effects of pollution, toxins, chemicals, wifi, EMF’s, cell phones
  11. Improve Confidence, Self-Image and Well-Being – feel more POSITIVE! 
ImageThe Be The Change Energy Center (www.beenergycenter.com)
22030 Clarendon Street, Suite 211 ~ 213
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 ~ Free parking at rear

Empower Yourself for 2013! Improve Your Health and Well-Being by Learning Eden Energy Medicine on the Big Island of Hawaii with Maryna Allan January 11-13, 2013

Begin 2013 with powerful self-healing tools and energy exercises that will take your health and vitality to a whole new level!

Maryna Allan is offering a 3 Day Workshop at the seaside village of Napoopoo at Kealakekua Bay


Dates: Friday, January 11 through Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Time:  10:00am to 4:00pm

Fee: $350.00 for course, handouts and instructional & practice dvd 

Free Intro Talks: Saturday, January 5th, 3:00-4:00pm Kailua-Kona Library and Wednesday, January 9th, 5:00-6:00pm at Kealakekua Public Library


Listen to a radio interview on EEM with Maryna in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:


In this 3 Day Course you will Learn:

  • Donna Eden’s 10 minute Daily Energy Routine
  • Important Stress Reduction Techniques that help correct or prevent negative effects of stress, autoimmune diseases, allergies
  • How to calm the ‘fight-flight’ response that contribute to the above
  • Ways to improve deep sleep, digestion and energy levels
  • Exercises to release negative emotions and nurture organs associated with emotions (based on 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine)
  • How to improve Immune functioning and build your Auric field
  • Techniques to speed healing and reduce pain in joints or elsewhere
  • How to trace your 14 Meridians to improve the health of your organs, release energy blocks and get stagnant Qi flowing
  • Self-massage of neuro-lymphatics to release toxins & improve energy flow
  • Simple daily eye exercises to improve or reverse aging of the eyes


“Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine”

Watch Maryna demonstrate how to enhance your Aura on Youtube:


What is Eden Energy Medicine?

• The oldest, safest, most organic, and accessible medicine there is.

• Potent techniques that allow you to participate more fully in your OWN healing.

• An empowering system for self-help and a powerful tool for health care practitioners.Unknown

Read More About Energy Medicine

Donna Eden and Maryna Allan at the 5 Day Training in Wales, UK June 2011

Donna Eden and Maryna Allan at the 5 Day Training in Wales, UK June 2011

Maryna assesses the body's energy systems through the use of "energy testing" also known as muscle testing or applied kinesiology

Maryna assesses the body’s energy systems through the use of “energy testing” also known as muscle testing or applied kinesiology

You will also learn:

  1. Eden Energy Medicne for the Eyes– 6 simple things to do to improve vision
  2.  Stress and Tension Tamers– including an exercise for hot flashes
  3. TheBlow Out”– to release anger and irritation;  benefits the liver
  4. Exercises to release fear, panic, worry, grief, sadness, excess mental chatter
  5. “Opening the Valves”– for digestion, elimination of toxins, skin issues, vericose veins
  6. Free the Diaphragm”– for acid reflux, hiatial hernia, increase oxygen in cells, organs,  whole body
  7.  Important YIN Meridians to trace for good health (liver, lung, spleen, kidneys)
  8. Acupressure points for various ailments/issues
  9. How to trace your meridians in order to keep energy flowing smoothly, support organ functioning, release blockages and negative emotions associated with the organs and for use when traveling to avoid jet-lag

This Workshop has limited spaces and registration ends on January 9th.

Families are eligible for a discount and all ages are welcome!  Free Introductory talks will be scheduled the first week of January so please email or call to receive information and register:

Email:  Marynaallan@gmail.com         Phone: 818-854-2211

Note:  A limited number of Private Sessions (Eden Energy Medicine Assessments/Balancing sessions) are available January 5-10 and January 14/15.  For a description of sessions refer to archived July posts or http://www.BeEnergyCenter.com under ‘private sessions’.  Can also read testimonials and detailed descriptions of benefits of private energy balancing sessions under posts and on website.