Private Sessions with Maryna

Maryna is available for private one-on one consultations and treatments for both adults and children. When there are chronic imbalances in the energetic field, physical and mental ailments begin to manifest. 


Information on Private Eden Energy Medicine Sessions with Maryna:

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is an energy healing system developed by world-renowned healer, teacher, and authority on energy medicine, Donna Eden.  Donna has treated over 10,000 clients over 30 years and has written three books on the subject, one which is translated into 15 languages.  She now travels globally and has certification programs in both the USA and the UK.  Maryna Allan is one of 650 certified EEMCP practitioners and has trained directly with Donna and also worked as her assistant in Wales, UK last Summer.

EEM focuses on the body’s subtle energies to enhance a person’s health and well-being. Like many ancient healing traditions, Eden Energy Medicine recognizes that disturbances in a person’s energy field often precede illness and that balancing these subtle energies can assist the body in moving towards wellness. Whereas conventional medicine diagnoses and treats symptoms and diseases, Eden Energy Medicine assesses and corrects disturbances in the body’s energies and energy fields. Much of EEM is based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine as we work to balance and promote harmonious flow of energy in the meridians. Other systems in the body such as chakras, radiant circuits, electrics, celtic weave and the aura also have a direct affect on health and well-being and we focus on bringing these into balance as well.A private session generally lasts 1.5 hours.  During this time we will briefly discuss your concerns and reasons for consultation to assist me in assessing potential energy imbalances in the subtle energy fields. 60 Minute sessions are also available (read choices below).

Maryna assesses the body's energy systems through the use of "energy testing" also known as muscle testing or applied kinesiology

Maryna assesses the body’s energy systems through the use of “energy testing” also known as muscle testing or applied kinesiology

Description of Private Sessions with Maryna Allan: 

We will then begin a process where I assess the flow of energies in your body and facilitate corrections designed to bring disturbed energies back to a state of balance and harmony. I’ll use muscle-response testing as a method to assess your body’s energies, also known as energy kinesiology.

After assessments we will follow with treatments which are done on a massage table fully clothed.  I will use various forms of light and deeper touch, along with movement of my hands within your energy fields, to balance and harmonize your energies. I will also recommend and teach specific exercises and movements that you can do to help balance your energies yourself.

Some of the techniques are extremely effective in calming the nervous system and promoting deep relaxation, and clients may experience a deepened state or fall asleep.  You may find yourself drifting off pleasantly yet be fully aware of your surroundings.  Often clients feel a significant shift after their energies have been balanced, which may include an improvement in their overall physical energy and/or feeling more optimistic, balanced, and peaceful.

EM Treatment


Effective energy work requires a partnership between EEM practitioner and client. Achieving body/mind well-being is the responsibility of both the client and the practitioner. I will help you develop new energy habits to substitute for less useful ones. Your role in this partnership is to make a strong commitment to work to achieve the goal of energy balance. This includes doing homework between sessions and the regular practice of energy exercises that I recommend for specific energetic results.

How Much Do Energy Sessions Cost?

$100.00 per hour. Minimum time needed for a first session is 90 minutes or $150.  Depending on your condition and issues, you can request more time.  Follow up sessions take 60-90 minutes.

Who might benefit from an energy session?

Clients seek energy sessions for:

  • Stress-Related Symptoms
  • Calming the Nervous System / Anxiety
  • Immune System Issues
  • Improving Energy generally
  • Promoting Healing for Injuries
  • Pain Management
  • Autoimmune Disorders / Allergies
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Wellbeing and Balance of the Emotions
  • Sense of Reconnection to Self or Higher Purpose

To Schedule a Private Session Contact:


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