Qigong and its Uses

“When your life improves and you are full of energy, everything becomes beautiful in your eyes…everyone is kind to you.  It’s true that you yourself change and the whole world then seems different.”

“Qigong brings people happiness and inner joy. Qigong gives more energy and strength! We feel each day is the start of our new life, we can make our life more beautiful and full of energy everyday! I have been engaged in qigong healing and teaching since 1991. I have spread qigong in city and village, in China and overseas. I have witnessed many marvels of healing with my own eyes. I deeply feel qigong can bring hope to humanity and harmony to the world. ~ Master Jianshe, Hexianju Qigong Center

A General Description of Qigong

imageQigong is an ancient Chinese Practice which consists of a variety of “still” as well as “moving” meditative methods.  Simple and gentle movements and exercises, combined with visualization, direct the flow of “life force energy” or Qi (Chi) into and through the body.  “Qi” literally means energy or vital life force and “Gong” means work, method or practice.

This practice is based upon the Chinese philosophy that a powerful energy system (Qi/Chi) exists within the body and flows through energy pathways referred to as meridians and channels.  Vital life energy is conveyed to every cell, organ, muscle, and bodily system via these meridians.  If the chi patterns are disrupted by physical or mental stress, emotional distress, environmental exposures or a variety of other factors, a person becomes susceptible to disease.  Health is restored when this disruption of energy or “Qi” is restored.

Qigong is one way to restore this balance in the body.  It is a self-healing practice that enhances health, promotes relaxation, calms the mind, and increases well-being.  It is widely used in China as a form of preventative medicine, as well as a form of treatment for many diseases and conditions.

Weight Loss Benefits from Qigong that you may receive on the Idyllwild Retreat:

Over the past 5 years Jianshe has traveled to over 20 countries in Europe, as well as Russia, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand and the USA teaching Qigong to help individuals learn how to heal their bodies and calm their minds.

In 2010 he was asked if Qigong could be used to eliminate fat cells the same way it seemed to decrease both tumors and cancer cells. “Of course this can be done… anything is possible with Qigong!” was Jianshe’s reply. “Losing weight is easy.”  “So is mending broken bones” says Master Liu.

So Master Jianshe set about experimenting during Qigong practice teaching people to use their minds and focus their thoughts in this manner in order to release fat cells from the body.  In one practice session, which began with students weighing themselves prior to the class, one student lost 5 kg (over 10 pounds) when weighed after the one hour class, and this was just the beginning.

The experiments continued, and Jianshe tells of one student who was very unhappy when she came to the Qigong Center in China, mainly because she was extremely obese and was often uncomfortable with any physical practices. He shares “Madeleine lost 6 kg in 5 minutes when I made a Qi-field for weight losing experiment in Hainan last May”. “She was so happy that her whole perception shifted and she began to see the good in everything. ..She also began to trust in Qigong and what she could accomplish by focusing her thoughts”.

DSCN1250Making what is referred to as a “Qi-field” is a very important element in Qigong’s effectiveness to both heal the body and release illness or fat cells.  But students often share that they have profound spiritual and emotional experiences whilst engaged in practices after Master Liu has made the Qi-field. “This comes as close to ‘Bliss’ as I have ever encountered” says one student.

While there are some individuals who may not need or want to lose excess fat cells and weight, this retreat will offer so many other valuable opportunities to learn about improving overall health and most especially how to achieve and maintain what Jianshe refers to as a “Sunshine Mind”.

Whether one wishes to lose weight, become more fit, improve their energy levels and immune systems, heal from an illness or dis-ease or improve their happiness quotient, learning Qigong principals will surely improve one’s life.

What is a qi-field?

A qi-field is made up qi and different qifields vary according to the different qualities of qi they contain. Qi is a kind of matter, the most basic unit of the universe. All qi contains information and everything in the universe contains its own special information. The information of the human mind is a special kind of qi and information, because of its active properties. It is able to gather other qi together to form a qifield.

A qifield contains many kinds of information merging together. It includes the place and its surroundings, the people within it and their information, and anything else that the person building the qifield wants to include. For example, if they know how to do it, people can link their minds to other qigong practitioners and include them in the qi-field.

When practicing qigong, we use our mind to gather all kinds of qi and merge them to form a qifield. Different information will form different qi-fields, so we may form a qi-field that helps with healing, or one that develops super-abilities, or that increases productivity, etc.

Many qigong Centres have a qifield that focuses on bodily illness. In our Centre we have developed a qifield that focuses more on the origins of illness and the information that people need in order to become well and stay healthy.

What is real healing?

cropped-dscn1257_3.jpgSome health problems can easily be fixed through sending qi, like broken bones. But many illnesses come from bad information, bad temperament, mood swings, a narrow heart or hatred towards others (focusing bad information on them). Bad information deeply embedded in our mind will control our body and bring illness. Neither Western nor Chinese medicine can completely cure such illness; a change in the person’s information is necessary.

That is why qigong works on healing people’s minds, changing the information in our minds. As people practice more, they become more sensitive and can feel where their illness came from and how to change it.

Some qigong practitioners always like to send qi to others. This looks like kindness to help others but in fact it can easily lead others to depend on someone else for help. When they do this their mind is focussed outside, whereas qigong focuses inside; therefore it is difficult for them to build up their qigong understanding so as to use it to heal themselves.

They treat qigong as a way of healing illness whereas in fact qigong is much more than this. Qigong changes our philosophy, our wrong ideas, our fate. When people really understand qigong they look at the world differently.

We have to help people believe in themselves and save themselves through qigong, rather than depending on others.

One of my students from Sichuan had practised qigong for a long time but her problems worsened rather than improved. She visited many qigong centres to find who could help her more by sending qi. Her problems improved when they sent her qi and so she was always focussed on that. She was not interested in qigong theory and qigong lectures. She practiced daily in the qifield, but didn’t really understand qigong. She often wondered why hunyuan qi was not effective for her and thought that maybe she wasn’t sensitive to qigong. Gradually she lost confidence in qigong.

In addition, she was unable to focus on any one thing. She tried Chinese medicine, massage, etc, always seeking suggestions from others as to what might help. For her, qi became like a pill; she didn’t want to focus on changing her mind and her bad infomation.

In order to get completely well, one has to know where one’s illness came from, not only focus on qi.

Some people try to use a number of ways to treat their health problems, believing that this will be more effective, but they are wrong. Qigong stresses that one must focus on one thing; if one focusses on more than one thing one’s potential cannot develop because it goes against the law of qigong and therefore hunyuan qi will not be effective for them.

A student once asked Teacher Pang: You said hunyuan qi is equally effective for everyone, so why is it not effective for me? He replied: Ask yourself; if your mind is mostly not focused on qigong then hunyuan qi will not be effective for you. If your mind is always on hunyuan qi then you will definitely recover.

So qigong is yinian jizhong zhuanyi: focus the mind on one thing.

Master Liu’s story:

My name is Jianshe Liu.  I am 48 years old. I met qigong in 1989 in Beijing, my destiny henceforth changed.

I was born in the Chinese famine time in 1960 and grew up during the ten years of the Cultural Revolution. I suffered mentally and physically during this time and from 1966 to 1989, I suffered from painful stomach aches throughout the three winter months each year. Since I have practised qigong my mind and body have changed greatly.  For the first time I felt so beautiful to be a  human being! It was also the first time I felt proud to be Chinese!

When your life improves and you are full of energy, everything becomes beautiful in your eyes, everyone is kind to you. It’s true that you yourself change and the whole world then seems different.

Qigong brings people happiness and inner joy . Qigong gives more energy and strength!

We feel each day is the start of our new life, we can make our life more beautiful and full of energy every day! I have been engaged in qigong healing and teaching since 1991. I have spread qigong in city and village, in China and overseas. I have witnessed many marvels of healing with my own eyes. I deeply feel qigong can bring hope to humanity and harmony to the world.

My simple history:

I was born in 1960 in a village that lies in the bend of a beautiful river named Qi. The Qi river was so clean that I could see the fish swimming among the grass of the river bottom! It is located at the boundaries of Xun County and Qi County, Henan Province, China.

My birth was at a time of starvation for many Chinese. In that year only three babies were born amongst the almost 3000 people of the village. Compared with others, our family was the richest at that time. I received a lot of love from the people of my village, I thank them for it always! I remember performing a short play with one of my older sisters on the village stage when I was 4 years old in the winter of 1964; the director was my brother who was 15 years old at the time; the play was very well received.

My primary school was located in a beautiful temple with lots of cypresses in the yard. The school was famous in Xun County and the temple had a long history. I disliked going to school, often climbing up the persimmon tree to play by myself. As soon as class was over I joined in the students’ group heading home.

The temple was destroyed in the Cultural Revolution and the school closed. My good times also ended with the Cultural Revolution.

Life for our family gradually deteriorated; false charges were laid against my father and mother and people started to treat us badly. In 1972 my parents decided to move to the region my father was born in, where none of this was known.

My difficult life began in the summer of 1966. I hadn’t enough food to eat, my classmates looked down me, I had to work in the fields with the adults through the summer holidays. I was a very sensitive child and all this affected my health. From 1967 I had frequent stomach aches.

When the Cultural Revolution ended late 1976, things improved for my family. Universities in China again accepted students through examination results. For the overwhelming majority of Chinese, university was the only way to change their destiny. Between 1966 and 1977 several million examinees had built up. Whatever their level of learning, each one had a dream that they would succeed and sit in a university classroom.

When I sat the exam I was so excited that I couldn’t write one word for the first 15 minutes. I had borrowed a watch; I was staring at it and it made me extremely anxious!

The enrollment rate was 2%.  My brother and I were both successful in 1977!

This success brought me only brief happiness. I faced many challenges due to my bad health, various social issues and my state of mind.

After graduating from teachers college I was in the army for eight years. I was a soldier, a teacher in the army school, then an officer in the army.  In 1988 I left the army to work in local government. In March 1989 I gave up my job and went to Beijing in the hope of being able to study abroad. Then with the suppression of the Tiananmen student movement, Western governments stopped student visas for Chinese.  I had lost the opportunity to go to Australia, given up my job, and used up most of my money. My health broke down; I was afraid to go home as I didn’t want to bring unhappiness to my mother.

But as the Chinese saying goes, Heaven never seals off all exits; in the gloomiest time of life I met my SUN: Zhineng Qigong, in November 1989. So today I am thankful for all my terrible suffering!



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