Testimonials from Private Session Clients of Maryna’s: 

“I was introduced to Energy Medicine by Maryna Allan in a two day workshop in July 2012. I also had a personal session and felt more relaxed and energetic. I have no real health issues, so the results may not be that noticeable. But my daughter has had backpain for almost two years now, due to a hairline fracture in one of the vertebrae. She went for one personal session too and her backpain has almost disappeared over night. She is now sleeping on an earthing connection sheet and the improvement is absolutely amazing.”   ~Maria, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“ I wanted to let you know much I benefitted from our second session –just like the first one!  This work you’re doing is absolutely wonderful.  My whole system is so much more relaxed and calm and it’s lasting, which is really wonderful.  I am also doing the exercises you gave me.  From the first time I saw you when my nervous system was so distraught from the Lyme Disease, the treatment made such a big difference.  My acupuncturist couldn’t believe how much calmer I was when I saw her two days later.  I attribute this to the work you did with me. Thanks again! ”  ~Kim, Culver City, CA

“Maryna is a Master Energy Worker.  She has an instinctual ease in working with and moving Chi. She takes the time to hear me, to see me, to understand where I am at, and then to reflect back what is going on inside of me.  I feel nurtured, validated and supported on an emotional, physical, and energetic level.   After having a session, I feel at home and comfortable in my body.”  –Colleen S, Woodland Hills, CA

“I have been to several healers but no one has been as effective as Maryna to help me with my chronic illnesses. In just one hour she was able to shift my energies in ways I didn’t think were possible in so short a time. Not only did I feel better after my session, but as each day passed, I got better and better. I now have more energy. I even look better. Younger too! I highly recommend Maryna to anyone who is in need of any kind of healing. She is a caring, giving, compassionate person who has amazing energy. I am truly grateful to have found her.”  –Derrell Abbey, Los Angeles, CA

To those on a healing path:

“I have an extensive trauma history to which I have devoted decades of unrelenting effort towards healing and reaching for just a tiny glimpse of happiness.  I have been in psychotherapy for 16 years, which actually is not that long considering the extent of my trauma experiences and the early onset.  Therapy has served me well but I have known for several years that something was holding me back from true bliss and expansion that could not be addressed fully by traditional psychotherapy.  Over the last few years I have started to explore alternative ways of healing including qigong, meditation, acupuncture, and sound healing.  All of those were enormously helpful, but it wasn’t until I met Maryna that a critical piece would fall into place that would finally allow me to claim my right to happiness and to be free of the self hate and fear that was embedded in my body and was holding me back energetically.  Trauma resides in the body and effects the development of the brain if it happens during the formative years.  After one class, one workshop, and two private sessions with Maryna, I learned tools that would allow me to regulate my nervous system and reprogram my brain.  I no longer had to be helpless and at the mercy of my disregulated traumatized system.   I also learned a practice that would help me expand my greatest resource- myself- through the figure eight/spiral/circle dance that Maryna taught me.

What is really so remarkable is that what I needed to learn was accomplished in 4 sessions and then I just had to apply it on a daily basis.  This did not create a dependency type of relationship.  In fact, my time with Maryna facilitated a liberation.  There is so much hope for full healing.  I believe we all have the capacity to reach our full potential.  And we are all our own greatest asset if we can find the entrance in…

Love and light to anyone this may touch ~Laura, Santa Monica, CA

Testimonials from Maryna’s Los Angeles Pierce College Older Adult Be Energy Class: 

~This class has provided me with techniques to manage the natural course of aging. I am able to sleep soundly at night. I use techniques learned in class to manage stress. When I leave this class each Wednesday, I leave with an overall feeling of peace and happiness”–Judith Braun

~I was having lots of panic/anxiety attacks and was frightened and would go to Kaiser (Hospital). Now I feel I am coming out of those situations better through prayer and the tapping and breathing and incidents have decreased. ~Mary

~My stamina and ability to handle stress has improved noticeably. Practicing the energy routines 5 or more times weekly have been very helpful. ~ Flo Weber

~I have seen much improvement since starting this class. My energy and stress levels are improved, my eyesight seems clearer when reading. I haven’t been sick at all. On class days, I leave feeling wonderful. I love this class and Maryna is an amazing instructor. I will always sign up for this class; it does help my overall health and well being. My blood pressure has also lowered. ~ Katherine, age 67

~I used to get colds and flu several times a year. Now I never get them. I feel more energy and am more active. I even look younger. ~Bill F. Age 86

~Generally I feel much better. My eyesight feels much better and my energy level is better. My Immune System must be great–I did not get the flu this year as usual. Thank you for my new energy. ~Rose S

~I have less stress, improvement in psoriasis, and fewer migraines ~ DC, Age 69

~ I have milder migraines. I have stopped taking MAXALT. I have a feeling of empowerment over my body–good health, more energy, brighter outlook. Exercise equals joy. ~Susan, Age 68

~My blood pressure has improved, as well as energy level; my joints are ok and not as achy. I feel exercises such as these are very important, as you are growing older.  My outlook on life is a happy one and I expect a long and healthy life. ~Iris, Age 74

~Since I began these classes I truly have more stamina and more energy. It is such a pleasure to attend classes and feel that you can handle anything because you feel so fit! Thank you for this wonderful class and this great teacher. ~Shirley H

~My immunity has improved with less allergy attacks. My BP has stabilized and my PVCs are less bothersome. I have reduced my medication intake. ~Lurinda Chin

~Maryna Allan is a fantastic positive teacher and this class has helped me in so many ways. I use the skills daily! Using Qigong and energy exercises for health, mood, memory, healing has made me more relaxed and socially secure, with a better mood and ways to handle stress. Very positive class! ~Sylvia Pitters

~My memory improved and I am more relaxed. I feel better in daily activities and with other people. I really enjoyed this class and I recommend it to all seniors!! Very helpful!

~Wonderful class–had my blood pressure tested after class and it was remarkably reduced. I use the relaxation techniques to improve my sleep and relax from stress.

~I’m feeling less pain and have improved my health. This class is wonderful and helps us to feel better and better.  I teach others to feel better too.

~Applying teachings to the stomach area every day has taken away pain. My balance has improved. No meds anymore. My memory has improved along with my attitude to good health. I am walking more. Not so tired working on the computer. Great class – gets me out and doing something useful for myself.

~ I am driving and out of the house more.  I have a more positive attitude and self-awareness. I enjoy and love this class!

~I have more confidence to be my own advocate. This class is wonderful!

~I have better memory, am happy, with less stress and an easygoing approach with life. I get to teach my family too because I’m experiencing the great benefit and change. Keep everyone healthy, in mind, in body and in social. Then our nation will be great with healthy people.

~ I am off all medication. I am more relaxed. More flexible. Don’t get colds or flu anymore. The information in class has helped in every aspect of my life.



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